How to Gain a Dog's Trust

How to Gain a Dog's Trust

Whether an owner has a new puppy, adult canine, or rescue dog, he or she will want to develop a strong bond with the new animal. Most dogs love to be around their owners and want to please, so bonding with a dog is not difficult. There are, however, several techniques that will help owners create deeper bonds much faster. An owner who provides for, plays with, and is a companion to a new dog will soon have a canine best friend.

Both puppies and adult dogs bond with their owners through play. An owner who wants to create a good relationship between himself or herself and a new German Shepherd puppy should be sure that there are always toys available. Toys that promote bonds between dogs and their owners are tug ropes, tennis balls, and Frisbees. Bones and stuffed animals are better for solitary play, so pet owners should avoid these most of the time. If the new pet is a rescue dog an owner should avoid play that is too excited or requires sudden movements. These dogs are usually timid at first, and some have been abused or mistreated, so it is good to engage only in very calm play at first.

Owners should also create comfortable living environments for their pets. When a dog has enough space, available food and water, and opportunities to play and explore, the dog will learn to trust its owner. Many small dogs enjoy living inside, but large dogs need more space and time outside. Any owners that live in apartments or small houses should select smaller dogs as their pets. Jack Russell Terriers, Miniature Poodles, and Dachshunds are all very good dog breeds for owners with limited living space.  Pet owners should give their dogs food and water often, as well as healthy treats. Doing so not only helps dogs stay healthy, it also teaches them to trust owners who will provide for them.

Canines and their owners also bond by exercising together and exploring new environments. Dogs enjoy walking and jogging with their owners not only because exercise allows them to burn energy, but also because dogs learn from having new experiences in unfamiliar environments. When dogs and their owners do this together dogs learn to trust and have fun with their new human friends. Owners can also take their new pets to friends’ houses, dog parks, and pet shops that allow dogs.

New pet owners should remember to have calm, kind attitudes around their dogs. This is especially important when the new dog is a puppy or a rescue animal. Dogs are very intuitive and respond to the emotions of their owners, so if an owner is friendly and calm the new dog will be as well.

Owners who provide for their dogs, have a good attitude, and give them comfortable environments in which to live will create deep, trusting bonds with their pets. Those who play, explore, and exercise with their dogs will have fun experiences that also deepen the special bond between an owner and his or her dog. These wonderful relationships will continue to improve and will last for years to come.